Kaleb Lund

Scientific Director

Dr. Kaleb Lund has been passionate about plants his entire life and has been researching pharmaceutical and botanical medicines for over 15 years.  Dr. Lund was classically trained in analytical chemistry and toxicology and holds degrees in biochemistry, chemistry and toxicology.  At the University of Minnesota he studied mitochondrial bioenergetics and cell culture based assessment of toxicity and pharmacological activity of antiretroviral drugs and environmental toxins. Dr. Lund completed postdoctoral research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Bastyr University to study the effects of Japanese Dogwood (Cornus officinalis) on mitochondrial glucose sensing in an in vitro model for diabetes.  More recently, Dr. Lund served as the Director of Research Laboratories at Bastyr University for 3 years where he managed and maintained an active, multi-study, natural products research laboratory.  Currently Dr. Lund is an Assistant Professor in the Department Botanical Medicine at Bastyr University where he teaches classes on GMP regulation, botanical authentication, research and pharmacognosy.  He has numerous peer reviewed publications and has successfully mentored over 25 undergraduate and graduate research projects involving botanicals and natural products.

Aside from his background in research, Dr. Lund is also a certified clinical herbalist which gives him a unique perspective on the use of botanicals as therapeutic substances and a great appreciation about the need for high quality botanical medicines/natural products.  As an instructor Dr. Lund works with leaders in the dietary supplement industry to help train his students in GMP regulations and quality assurance to help raise the bar in this growing industry.

Erin Leary

Laboratory Director

Erin Leary, MS holds a BSc in herbal sciences from Bastyr University and an MS in biomedical regulatory affairs from the University of Washington, providing a unique specialization in botanical quality and regulatory matters. She began her career with Heron Botanicals where she served for four years as the quality and regulatory manager. During her employment, Erin designed, implemented, and managed the company’s quality systems and regulatory compliance. As an independent consultant, she has experience focusing on botanicals and natural products within the drug discovery, medical device, cosmetic, and dietary supplement industries. These projects involved organizations ranging from the University of Washington’s Coulter Foundation and clinical trials within the biotech industry to private label herbal dietary supplement compounding pharmacies and fish oil manufacturers. Erin brings experience in navigating highly regulated industries through manufacturing, quality control, regulatory affairs, risk assessments, and marketing claims.

Erin has unmatched professional experience in the emerging industry of botanical regulation. Regulators from other industries have begun working with botanicals, however  none of these professionals bring the range of knowledge and depth of understanding for the complex issues associated with botanical and natural based products as Erin. Coming to the regulatory and quality fields from a solid base in botanical sciences provides an intrinsic understanding of this industry that is absent in other firms. Based on this advanced expertise Erin has returned to Bastyr University and The School of Pharmacy at The University of Washington annually to lecture on domestic and international botanical regulation. Erin has also lectured for the American Herbalist Guild, has been published in the Journal of the American Herbalists Guild, and currently sits on the Bastyr University Institutional Review Board.

James Baxter

Director of Operations

James Baxter was named Herbal Analytics Director of Operations September 2014. In this role, he is responsible for the corporate strategy, business management, IT, marketing, sales, communications and product development.

Baxter is a strategic and operational leader with proven ability to drive growth and transformation to Biotechnology organizations. Prior to Herbal Analytics, Baxter was Chief Executive Officer and board member at Axiom, Inc. where he successfully commercialized intellectual property into global markets while leveraging competitive positioning and stronger margin value. His education in business and experience in assembling teams of technical experts will lead improvements in business strategies, detailed financial performance and well-defined brand awareness for Herbal Analytics.

Lauren Hilty

Financial Controller

Lauren Hilty has owned and operated her own accounting firm since 2006.  Providing a full range of accounting and tax services to many mid-sized businesses for the previous eight years, Hilty brings well rounded experience to Herbal Analytics in her position as Financial Controller.

As Financial Controller, she will provide fiscal management oversight over the annual budget and budgetary planning in collaboration with corporate partners.  Financial management systems, internal controls and financial reporting are among the Controllers duties.  She will also oversee a point of sale system, client invoicing system and state required data management system as well as maintaining all employee training in accounting procedures.

With full-service accounting practice in a variety of industries, Lauren brings exceptional perspective to financial analysis and budgetary planning essential to the success of any business.  She is excited to share this experience Herbal Analytics.